Essentially Exotic's original Brochure from 2005.

Back in 2003 when I worked for Silverstone Incense Traders as Office Manager/Administrative Manager/Customer Service Manager/Aromatherapist/Essential Oil pourer/Warehouse Packer/Website Maintainer .... wow - the list goes on and on (Girl Friday they used to call it when you HAD to be a Jill of all Trades in a small business)  I was not only working full time for Silverstone, but also commenced this precious little gem of a business, Essentially Exotic.  

I designed a small range of beautiful natural products in the form of Body Butters, Massage Oils, Bug Off Balm, Lip Balms and Crystal Ritual Oils  - always using 100% Pure essential oils and raw ingredients.  

It was fun making these products and unbeknown to me, my then 10 year old son took one of my Lip Balm creations up to the local corner shop - you know one of those tiny little general stores on the North Coast of New South Wales - and the then owners asked him if his Mummy could take some Lip Balms to the shop for them to sell.  

I was in total shock - that a shop actually was willing to buy my products.  I quickly made 20 Lip Balms and took them down with labels I printed up on my computer - and just like that - they were sold in one day.  

One of the buyers of the lip balms took their balm into the Health Food shop in the next suburb who rang me asking me to see my entire range.  ENTIRE RANGE??? OK - that kick started me into the range of products I ended up selling for the next 10 years.  Body butters, Massage Oils, Bug Off Balm, Fragranced Coconut Oil and Crystal Ritual Oils, among other things.  All made with 100% natural ingredients.  They took 5 of everything.  I was more than chuffed.

Then the following week on of the Health Food Shop's suppliers rang me and asked if he could distribute them.  Of course - he took 20 of each product with orders coming in every week.  Wow - this was so encouraging.

Out of the blue I received a call from one of the largest charities in Australia wanting to buy unlabelled lip balms with no flavour.  And they wanted thousands for their yearly fundraiser.  My partner and I became professional lip balm makers in a very short time.

Today - our lip balms are the exact same tried and true recipe, handmade to perfection.  Our ingredients are Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax and Olive oil.  

Essentially Exotic uses the purest products available, organic where possible.  All our products are free from SLES, parabens, PEGs, and grapefruit seed extract (Google Grapefruit seed extract parabens).  



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  • I love using your beautiful natural organic products…… With heavenly aromas
    And hand made with LOVE
    My skin feels so soft & smells Devine
    Truly MAGICAL
    Thank you soo much Karen xx

    Karen Lindsay

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