Aroma Diffuser STELLA 120ml

Aroma Diffuser STELLA 120ml

  • $64.50

Part of our Quality Aromatic Diffuser range, "Stella" is simply more than a mere devide to spread your fragrances, this diffuserr is made of superior oak wood and feels as premium as it looks.  Set it on your desk at work, in the living room, or on the bedsdie table to compliment your furniture with a tangible emblem of quality.

Has 5 colors rotating, is  a perfect nightlight for a child's bedroom or offering soft light to create a romantic atmosphere which helps you escape the hustle and bustle of modern life.

120ml Capacity.

Quiet ultrasonic technology which does not generate noise when your are working, sleeping, studying, doing yoga or enjoying a spa or massage.  Ideal for use with Essentially Exotics beautiful essential oil Blends.

Measures 14.5cm square.

Australian Plug only.

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