Essential Oil Precious Dilution JASMINE in Jojoba 12ml

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JASMINE 3% in Jojoba Oil - Jasminum grandiflorum/Simmondsia chinensis 

Just the sweet aromatic fragrance of Jasmine essential oil can do a lot to lift our spirits; some people claim that it instills feelings of poetry and romance.

Jasmine is a valued flower and in Pakistan it has been named the National flower while the Hindus in India regard jasmine as a holy flower. Jasmine essential oil is widely used for its fragrance in the perfume and cosmetic industries where it lends its scent to shampoos and soap.

There are so many ways to use jasmine essential oil.  Jasmine not only helps the mind and the libido it also helps in many other areas of the body, delivering to the body its many health and healing benefits.

Antiseptic: Jasmine has wonderful antiseptic and disinfectant properties. It helps to fight off infection reducing and elimination the infection. It helps to clean wounds preventing and reducing infections. It can also help in removing the buildup of mucus and phlegm that can be present in the respiratory system during a cold.

Aphrodisiac: Jasmine works well as an aphrodisiac by creating a romantic feeling and boosting the libido. It has been traditionally used to decorate a newly wedded couple’s room to help promote coupling their first time together as a married couple. It helps to reduce many of the problems that can arise on a couple’s first time together sparking romance and sexual desires.

Cognitive Ability Aide: Jasmine is a natural energy booster. Simply inhaling jasmine in the morning will help to awaken the senses allowing you to be more aware and alert for the upcoming day. It also helps to increase body temperature and heart rate along with the brain’s activity to help increase productivity and learning.

Depression and Anxiety: Jasmine has uplifting properties which help to create as more positive feeling in the brain. It helps to create happiness in a person who is suffering from depression or anxiety. It helps to calm and relax both the body and the mind creating a sense of peace throughout a person. Simply inhaling it during a depressive time or a state of anxiety will help to release serotonin to help reduce the symptoms and boost the emotional state.

Immune System Booster: Jasmine helps to boost the immune system by helping to fight off infection in the body thus helping to prevent or reduce infection. If an infection is present diffusing the essential oil in your home will help to speed up healing time thus reducing and finally eliminating the infection in the body; this is especially helpful in respiratory infections.

Labor Aide: Weird but true Jasmine does help with childbirth. It helps to ease and reduce the pain associated with childbirth helping the mother to feel calmer and more relaxed during the birthing process. Furthermore jasmine helps to reduce the pain of recovery from childbirth as well as helping to reduce the symptoms of postpartum depression.

Menopause Aide: When jasmine is applied to the skin it can help to relieve and reduce the symptoms of menopause. Helping to decrease emotional and physical symptoms that can occur in the body during menopause. This helps to boost the emotional state, reduce hot flashes and increase energy levels of those women during menopause. It also helps to decrease depression, anxiety and stress that can often occur during menopause as well.

Muscle Care: Jasmine is excellent in helping to treat sore muscles. It helps to reduce the pain and inflammation in muscles caused by injury. As well it helps to reduce muscle spasms that can also be caused by injury. By helping to calm and relax the body the muscles are able to calm and relax and heal more quickly due to the increase in blood flow and circulation. Read More: 9 EOs for Sore Muscles

Pain and Inflammation Reducer: Jasmine helps to reduce pain and inflammation in the body by helping the body to get rid of harmful infections causing the pain and inflammation and by promoting healing in the body through increase blood flow and circulation. This is especially important when it comes to respiratory infections, muscle injury and childbirth.

PMS Aide: Jasmine helps to regular the period cycles and helps to reduce the pain and inflammation that is often associated with the cycle. It also helps to reduce many of the PMS symptoms such as fatigue, emotional or hormonal imbalances, pain and nausea. By helping to relieve many of the symptoms associated with PMS it helps a woman to feel more in control and comfortable during their time of the month.

Postpartum Aide: Jasmine helps in reducing the symptoms and length of postpartum depression that often occurs in most women after childbirth. It helps to regular and stabilize hormones and emotions after childbirth allow the mother to feel calmer, more relax and in control of their own body after childbirth.

Respiratory System: Jasmine helps the respiratory system by helping to reduce and eliminate the build-up of phlegm and mucus in the lungs and sinuses. It helps to clear this away through coughing and expelling the build-up through the cough. It also helps to clear out congestion that may be present in the system thus reducing snoring and post-nasal drip. Its sedative property will help a person to rest and sleep better while getting over a respiratory problem.

Sedative: Jasmine is great for sleep and restless nights. It helps to calm and relax the mind and the body allowing for a more restful sleep. It helps to promote a longer, deeper more restful sleep thus helping to heal the body of many ailments such as respiratory problems, depression or stress.

Skin Care: Jasmine helps the skin in a couple of ways. It can help to reduce the scars present on the body by helping to fade if not eliminate the look of the scar. It also helps to hydrate the skin brining moisture to the skin thus reducing cracking, dryness and premature aging. Jasmine has also been known to help in treating eczema and dermatitis because of the properties stated prior. It may also help to reduce and even eliminate those pesky stretch marks!

Stress Aide: Jasmine helps to relax and calm the body and mind thus helping to reduce stress. It helps to uplift the mind reduce a highly emotional state that can cause serious stress. It helps to create a sense of confidence and optimism to help a person tackle their day more effectively and less emotionally.

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