Essential Oil CINNAMON Bark 12ml

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CINNAMON Bark Cinnamonum zeylsnicum 12ml

Cinnamon Bark is more potent than Cinnamon Leaf so please dilute well before use.  

Diffuse this oil to elinate odours and create an inviting warm environment in your home.  Some of the most researched health benefits of this oil when added to a carrier oil base and massaged into the affected area include: treatment of minor infections of the skin,  improves circulation, treatment of pimples, provides relief from stiffness of muscles and joints.  Added to a diffuser this oil assists in the relief of symptons of cold, sore throat and congestion.

The oil is a great mosquito repellant.  Research has now proved that it is very effective in killing mosquito larvae.

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.