Essential Oil JUNIPER BERRY 12ml

  • $17.20

JUNIPER BERRY - Juniperus communis 

The fresh and calming aroma of juniper berry oil is widely renowned for relieving stress and anxiety. When diffused, it can also cleanse and purify the air. If you want to use juniper berry oil to get its healing and calming effects, try these methods:

Vapor therapy. Use a burner or vaporizer to diffuse the oil, which helps relieve emotional issues, such as addiction, nervous tension and hangovers.

Massage oil or added to bath water. This works well for pain relief, such as for arthrities, pain in passing urine, swollen joints,gout and muscle fatigue.

Add to lotions and creams. Try this for skin-related problems, such as oily skin, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis and weeping eczema.

Use in a compress. Ideal foreczema, arthritis and general infections.

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