Essential Oil PEPPERMINT True 12ml

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PEPPERMINT Mentha Piperita  

This is true Peppermint oil as opposed to Cornmint Mentha arvensis.  

Peppermint True oil can assist in nervous disorders and is dramatically effective in stimulating the mind and focusing concentration, for treating the respiratory tract, muscular aches and pains and for some skin problems.

When diffused, Peppermint can help to increase concentration and to stimulate the mind, as well as sorting out coughs, headaches, nausea and also has value as an insect repellant.

Place a few drops in a bath, peppermint oil can assist with colic, cramps, back pain, inflamed bowel disorders, spastic colon, catarrh, colitis, circulation, constipation, coughs, diarrhea, sweaty and tired feet, flatulence, headaches, muscular pains, cramps and spasms, neuralgia, nausea, rheumatism and mental fatigue, skin that is red, irritated and itchy, as well as other inflammatory conditions.

For external use only.  Keep out of reach of children.