Essential Oil Precious Dilution NEROLI in Jojoba 12ml

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NEROLI 3% in Jojoba - Citrus aurantium/Simmondsia chinensis

Did you know that it takes at least 1,000 pounds of orange blossom flowers just to make 1 pound of neroli oil?1 No wonder it's the most expensive among citrus essential oils. Neroli oil actually offers many impressive uses and benefits, so get to know more about this valuable essential oil.

In aromatherapy, neroli oil is valued for its calming and relaxing scent, which acts as a tranquilizer that can help alleviate anxiety and heart palpitations, relieve insomnia and even prevent or treat stress-related depression. Its fragrance can also help alleviate digestive issues, such as intestinal spasms, colitis, dyspepsia and diarrhea.

Here are some ways to use neroli oil:

  • Wet a cotton ball, add a drop of neroli oil and lightly dab it on your skin to help treat acne.
  • Mix with your favorite skin cream to help regenerate your skin.
  • Put a few drops in a diffuser to help fight lethargy, depression, anxiety, stress and digestive problems.
  • Massage all over your body to help improve circulation.
  • Apply a few drops to a hot or cold compress to alleviate headaches and neuralgia.
  • Ease premenstrual discomfort by mixing a few drops in your bath water.

Neroli oil's pleasant aroma can also work as a deodorant to drive away foul odors. When used on the body as a perfume, or sprayed as an air freshener or diffused via a vaporizer in a room, the oil not only eliminates the odor, but also helps kill germs and toxins.

Neroli oil has many beneficial and health-promoting properties. It acts as an antiseptic, disinfectant, antispasmodic, bactericidal, antidepressant and sedative. These useful benefits make it efficient for:

• Helping treat cuts and wounds. It can be used as a temporary anti-tetanus remedy, but only during emergency cases. Simply dab a diluted solution on the wound — this will help keep your wound safe from infections until you can go to a doctor for a proper anti-tetanus injection.

• Helping kill bacteria that can cause diseases like typhoid, cholera and food poisoning. It can also relieve skin conditions that are caused by bacteria.

 Aiding in the maintenance of normal blood pressure levels. A small 2012 study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that neroli oil may aid in blood pressure control. The researchers found that participants who inhaled an aromatherapy blend of neroli, lavender, ylang-ylang and marjoram (sorry don't have this one in our range yet) had a significant decrease in their blood pressure and stress hormone cortisol levels within 24 hours.

Neroli oil is also a tonic that can help promote proper circulation, healthy metabolism and immune system support.

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