Essential Oil SANDALWOOD Indian 12ml

  • $49.00

SANDALWOOD Indian Santalum album 

By diffusing Sandalwood or by diluting the oil and using in massage, symptoms of anxiety, depression and restlessness may ease and the aroma promotes spirituality and inner peace.  Sandalwood is also beneficial for assisting sleep in insomniacs, eventhough it can also be a stimulating oil.  It is believed that the sandalwood effect on lowering blood pressure assists in making the mind more alert.  This implies that sandalwood has a unique ability to separate a physically relaxed state from a mentally acute one.

Sandalwood oil when diluted in your body lotion or carrier oil can be used as an anti-inflammatory.  May also be effective for sunburn, psoriasis, skin warts and other inflammations of the skin.

Spriitually, Sandalwood can be used as a perfume for protection.  

For external use only.  Keep out of reach of children.


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