Feelosophy Birthing Journal

  • $39.95

Be guided through your pregnancy. Turn fears into opportunities for transformation and growth. Get access to knowledge that empowers you.  A truly beautiful journal for your own pregnancy and the perfect gift for the soon to be mother.


How we feel has a great impact on our physical and mental bodies and how we see and perceive the world around us. Our feelings are a window into understanding ourselves on a deeper level. 

Living consciously means to question and to inquire into life, which can be challenging at times but also very rewarding. Transformation takes place when we can witness all parts of who we are and begin to take the steps to change that which is not supporting us and honouring the lessons along the way. 

Dive into understanding YOUR Feelosophy, So, DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. Explore your FEELINGS, THOUGHTS and BELIEFS. Live your life from a place of knowing what your body; mind and spirit are capable of. 

CONNECT with the essence of who you are. 

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