Infused Plant Oil ARNICA 12ml

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Arnica oil is becoming popular for its pain-relieving and health-promoting properties. It's a wonderful addition to your alternative first aid kit, especially if you're prone to exercise-related injuries, such as bruises or sprains. 

Great caution is advised when using arnica, especially in its pure essential oil form. However, its diluted form that we sell can help reduce swelling, protect against infections and relieve pain. Many professional athletes today even use a topical homeopathic preparation of arnica oil as first aid relief for sports- or exercise-related pain or injury.

Arnica oil is found to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, and may be helpful for treating or relieving:

• Muscle aches, spasms, pulled muscles or rheumatic pain — A 2007 study found that a homeopathic arnica solution has a positive effect on muscle soreness after marathon running.

Arnica is a natural remedy for delayed onset muscle soreness.

• Sprains, bruises and swelling due to fractures

• Insect bites — Homeopathic arnica can help treat insect bites and stings, especially those that may lead to intense bruising and soreness.

• Acne— However, not recommended applying on broken skin.

• Hair loss — a diluted form applied to your scalp can help increase local blood circulation, thereby promoting hair growth.

There are also clinical trials suggesting that using arnica oil or gel topically may be effective in relieving osteoarthritis pain.


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